6 Brilliant Ways to Make Your Bathroom

22 May 2017, 9:55 AM

6 Brilliant Ways to Make Your Bathroom


Bathrooms are often overlooked when it comes to decorating and styling your home, but it's a room which everyone will use, including guests, so why not pay it more love and attention? This can be done on a budget, by using the following tips to give your bathroom the makeover it deserves!

Here are six tips which will not only help transform your bathroom, but make it look more expensive too!

Your choice of mirror could really impact the look of your bathroom. Large, ornate mirrors, or quirky mirrors - think leather frames, jigsaw mirrors - look expensive in themselves, so could really change the dynamics of your bathroom. If you have the space at your disposal, a full length mirror might be an option, or if your bathroom walls have other objects on them, a full length standing mirror strategically placed in a corner would look good.

Go Green

A focal plant in a corner looks great in any bathroom - but make sure that it's looked after! An indoor window box on the window sill with lavender would not only look pretty, but smell gorgeous too. If your bathroom isn't too small, a hanging basket from the ceiling would definitely work. Why not consider flowers too, to add a pop of colour? So long as they're looked after and not dying, they'll look extra glamorous.

A fancier place to hang towels and robes could very well be the perfect finishing touch. Towel rails with a gleaming finish make bathrooms look instantly more expensive, or a heated towel rail, to not only look the part, but provide a bit of warmth and comfort post bath. Just ask Rhino Rails for more information about our towel rails collection, including grab rails. Adding a coat stand into the corner is a quirky idea to provide extra hanging space too. These options all look much better than a few hooks in the back of the door, or throwing your towel over the radiator.

change your mat

Your typical bath mat will very often be a neutral colour, perhaps even a shade of blue or green. Upgrade your mat to something with more life to it. Think bigger, brighter, bolder. A patterned mat could change the dynamic of the room, and would certainly look different from the usual plain mats available.

Using a pattern on your walls could really enhance your bathroom. There are all kinds of shapes and effects available. Shimmery golds and silvers, white with black silhouettes, 3D effect wallpaper, floral - there's a choice for everyone to make your bathroom look luxurious. A plain wall with a block colour, such as white or black, could be enhanced with prints or photos framed.


Keeping everything a similar colour automatically looks more expensive, so for those finishing touches, looking for a soap dish and toilet roll holder in a similar hue could really help you achieve your goals. Gold, vintage looking taps might be an option if your budget is higher. A different light shade could make the world of difference. Think along the lines of something old fashioned looking, which can be dimmed to create ambience for when you're wanting to relax. You could add candles too, particularly scented ones, to create a spa-like feel to the room. So once you've transformed your bathroom, make sure to add the perfect finishing touch with some heated towel rails, that suit your expensive-looking bathroom - with some great choices, including free standing towel rails, stainless steel towel rails or curved towel rails.


Whatever changes you choose to make, you will be pleased to hear that Rhino Rails has just the right design for the job.

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