Choosing the right colour for your bathroom

11 Dec 2014, 4:29 PM
Choosing the right colour for your bathroom

When designing any room in your home, choosing the right colour scheme is an essential element of setting the mood, character and style. But with so many colour palettes and patterns to choose from, this task can sometimes be a little bit overwhelming.

Here are a few tips to make choosing the right colour for your bathroom an easier process…

Think about the mood you’re setting

With each room in your home, you will want to set a unique mood and feel. For your bathroom, you will need to consider whether you want to create a calm and relaxing or refreshing and energising space. A combination of neutral, warm and rich tones will allow you to achieve an instant feel of luxury, comfort and sophistication. Vibrant colours such as yellows, greens and blues will bring a long-lasting energy, which is sure to wake you and your bathroom space up everyday.

Think about the features and furniture

Before you think to select a colour scheme, it helps to consider the existing furniture and features of the room. What colour are your pottery, tiles and accessories? Creams and whites are great to work with; they are neutral and blend with mostly any colour. However, if you have chosen soft furnishings with vibrant patterns and colours – it may be wise to pick a colour scheme for the walls that fully complements the interior of your bathroom.

Think about size and shape

Adding colour to a room can quickly help to fill a space or open it up. If your bathroom is small, consider using light, soft and pale tones to create an airy, spacious feel. For a large bathroom where you might want to fill the space to make it more comfortable and welcoming, select from darker tones such as blues, blacks and purples – paint half the wall or the ceiling to turn your master bathroom into a cosy space to relax.

Think long-term

There is little chance that you will want to be repainting your walls on a regular basis – so when it comes to selecting a colour scheme, opt for something that won’t soon go out of style. Neutral colours such as creams, ivories and whites have very little chance of looking out-dated. They also look stunning when contrasted against vibrant or darker, more striking tones. Accessorising your bathroom with splashes of colour means you’ll be left with a timelessly stylish bathroom, with your own personal touch.

Think about testing it out

Before you make the big commitment to a colour scheme for your bathroom, be sure to test it out. Testing samples on the walls of your bathroom will give you a clearer idea of how well they work in the room as well as up against each other. Narrow down to 3 colours you would like to use the most from your colour wheel and test these out in your bathroom, to see which best meets your desired mood, look and bathroom ambience

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