Bathroom decorating ideas

23 Nov 2014, 4:24 PM
Bathroom decorating ideas

11 stunning ideas for decorating your bathroom

If you’re in need of some design and décor inspiration for your home, see our list of 11 stunning ideas for decorating your bathroom. From unique tiles and bathroom coves, to his and hers sinks and freestanding bathtubs – you won’t be short on creativity when it comes to designing your bathroom space.

1. Quality lighting – Set the mood of your bathroom with optimal lighting. Invite plenty of natural light in from your bathroom window, light candles and install feature lighting to brighten up your space.

2. Soft colour schemes – Creams, whites and beige neutral tones will set a relaxing ambience and atmosphere in your bathroom. If this is your favourite place to unwind and relax, opt for a soft colour scheme.

3. Unique tiling – Add some personality to your bathroom by choosing an intricately designed tile to grace your bathroom floors and walls. With so many patterns to choose from, you’re sure to find a style that suits you and your home.

4. Bathroom architecture – Coves, arches and raised platforms in bathrooms are a great way to accentuate key features such as bathtubs, vanity units and lighting. Install your bathtub on a raised platform and add layers to your bathroom space.

5. Vanity space – Make space in your bathroom for an area to apply make-up and fix your hair by installing a vanity unit. Ideal for providing necessary storage space and room to get ready everyday with the addition of a large mirror and built-in lighting.

6. His and hers sinks – Why have one when you can have two? Double sinks are ideal for couples and families sharing the main bathroom. Add in matching mirrors, towels and accessories to complete the look and provide a practical solution for an everyday busy bathroom.

7. Natural touch – Wooden features, plants and rustic materials will give your bathroom a stunning natural touch. Reclaimed wooden flooring is becoming an increasingly popular feature of many modern bathrooms and is also an eco-friendly alternative to linoleum, granite and other tiling materials.

8. Feature wall – Make your bathroom stand out with a feature wall, decorated with designer tiles or vibrant colour. Single feature walls are a great way to add some character to your bathroom and complement the existing features and colours.

9. Add heat and comfort – Are you suffering from cold floor tiles and damp hand and bath towels? Turn your bathroom into a sanctuary for warmth and comfort by installing heated flooring and a heated towel rail from our varied range, designed to suit any bathroom style.

10. Unique storage options – Storing away everyday bathroom products can be made easy by installing stylish, versatile and practical storage cabinets and shelving. Open shelves in particular are an effective way to open up your bathroom space and create a homely, personal and welcoming environment.

11. Focal point bathtub – With modern bathroom design has come the rise of freestanding furniture. Namely, freestanding bathtubs. They can add an instant feel of contemporary class and minimal style to your bathroom, by creating a central focal point of design.

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