How to create a traditional looking bathroom

10 Nov 2014, 1:41 PM
How to create a traditional looking bathroom

Traditional design can make any bathroom space look elegant, luxurious and inviting. From carved pottery, to roll-top bathtubs and striking floor tile designs you can give your bathroom a look that is full of classical character and charm.

Here is our guide on how to design or redecorate your bathroom with plenty of traditional flair:

1. Add sparkle to your surfaces

With traditional design, comes intricate detail and natural beauty. For bathroom design, this can involve your choice of materials to complement furniture and pottery. Granite and marble surfaces are the most popular choice for bathrooms with a traditional theme. The unique and stunning quality of the stone is sure to give your bathroom a timelessly classic finish.

2. Choose rich wood cabinet finishes

Traditional bathrooms are made up of a range of textures, to add layers of character. When selecting the cabinets for your bathroom, choose from a wide range of rich wood finishes. From dark walnut, to light oak and ivory there are a variety of colours and tones to choose from to suit your bathroom and complement your choice of natural stone surfaces.

3. Make bathing luxurious

Roll-top bathtubs have been a longstanding feature of traditional bathroom design. Today, you can find many modern bathtubs designed in this style with a freestanding function, making them a striking focal point in any bathroom space. Install the tub centrally or a few metres away from your main window and transform your bathroom into a boudoir for complete luxury and relaxation.

4. Add in a vanity unit

For any bathroom, modern or traditional, vanity units make a perfectly practical everyday feature. They provide additional storage and space for getting ready and are made to complement a variety of bathroom styles. Select a vanity unit with a uniquely carved wooden finish, to add to the ornate look of your traditional bathroom.

5. Select deep and enchanting colours

The ultimate staple of personality for any room in your home is the colour scheme you choose. For traditional bathrooms, a combination of tones and colours can set the aura in your bathroom space. Rich and dark tones, such as purples, blues and browns will exude sophistication, luxury and allure in your bathroom. Contrasted by soft neutral tones, such as whites, creams and greys, you can create a bathroom space with a stunning mixture of moods and qualities.

6. Decorate a feature wall

Feature walls are ideal for bathrooms where you want to create a focal point. Design the feature wall in your traditional bathroom with delicately detailed wallpaper, or unique vintage tiles this will create a striking statement that will catch the attention of all your guests.

7. Finish with a statement towel rail

Your bathroom may look traditional, but there is no reason it should compromise on modern technology and function. Heated towel rails have quickly become a regular feature of bathrooms, as they provide a fully practical and stylish solution to everyday towel storage. Our Inflecto Range in particular, brags a beautiful curved design, which will make a lasting impression in your chic and classical bathroom.

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