Making the most out of a small bathroom

24 Dec 2014, 4:31 PM
Making the most out of a small bathroom

There’s no need for your small bathroom to lack in the latest design, class and functionality, just because it lacks in space. Here are our top tips for making the most out of a small bathroom:

• Use large and light tiles

Using small, repetitive patterned tiles can quickly make any bathroom space look busy and full. Of course, this is great if you’re trying to fill a large bathroom space but for small, compact bathrooms, you will be left with a room that looks cramped, cluttered and unwelcoming. Large and light tiles (e.g. with a cream or white finish) will brighten up your bathroom, as the soft colours will open up the space available.

• Install a wall hanging sink

To save on floor space in your bathroom, we advise opting for a pedestal-free sink basin. Many sinks are now available in a wall-hanging design, which is ideal for compact bathrooms as they can be installed at a height, which won’t compromise on your bathroom foot space. For maximum comfort and accessibility, consider installing your sink in the corner of your bathroom to create as much open space as possible.

• Add in wall mounted taps

If you have chosen a sink with a wall hanging or slim pedestal design, a sleek basin will further complement this space saving choice. Installing a wall mounted sink tap alongside this means you also won’t need the extra room around your basin for taps. Slim line basins look sleek, modern and stylish whilst working as great space-saving alternatives to larger bathroom basins.

• Use a shower curtain or glass panel

A shower door will quickly take up any free space in your bathroom, each time you have to open it out to get into your shower. As a space-saving alternative, installing a shower curtain or glass panel is the ideal choice to prevent water spills and splashes in your bathroom. The shower curtain can be tucked away into your bathtub or shower cubicle, without intruding on your space and the glass panel is a sturdy, stylish and contemporary alternative to a moving shower door.

• Maximise your mirrors

Mirrors have a great quality of being able to brighten and open up any space in a room. For compact bathrooms, this is a key feature to create the impression of space and depth. Larger mirrors running across the wall of your bathroom will also be a practical feature, allowing more than one person to use it at once.

• Install a heated towel rail

Heated towel rails are a fantastic feature of small bathrooms, as they allow you to combine two key functions of heating your towels and heating your room. Our Ergo Range is a perfect choice for any small bathroom, due to its sleek and simplistic design. The multiple rails will allow you to hang and dry as many towels as you need, whilst generating enough heat to warm your bathroom. If you don’t have the space for a traditional rail in your bathroom then a freestanding heated towel rail is a good alternative.

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