7 key features of modern bathroom design

8 Feb 2015, 4:37 PM
7 key features of modern bathroom design

Sleek, sophisticated and seamless in style, modern décor has become an increasingly popular choice for bathroom design. From floor-length clear glass shower screens, to cove-lighting and ocean-cool colour schemes, your bathroom can easily be transformed into a space full of contemporary beauty.

We have listed 7 key features to bring a touch of modern class to any bathroom space:

1. Freestanding bathtub

Freestanding bathtubs are an innovative way to create a stunning focal point in your bathroom. Lending from the traditional roll-top bathtub design, contemporary freestanding baths are made with both smooth curves and straight edges – guaranteed to bring the latest in style to your bathroom.

2. Countertop basin

Similar to the qualities of a freestanding bath, a countertop basin looks beautiful featured on top of any modern bathroom cabinet. Often crafted out of clean-curves or square-edges, countertop basins are versatile and stylish – making them a key feature of any contemporary bathroom.

3. Accent lighting

Lighting can set the mood, tone and ambience of any room in your home. Accent lighting is a very popular aspect of modern bathroom design, as it accentuates the shape and layout of the room. Recessed lighting is ideal feature lighting, which can be installed above your bath and shower to brighten up the key areas in your bathroom.

4. Heated towel rail

Gone are the days of slumping your damp towels over a single rail in your bathroom. With heated towel rails, you can ensure your hand and bath towels are always dry, warm and soft to use. Available in a variety of shapes and sizes, they are made to suit any bathroom space, large or small and will quickly add that touch of modern elegance. For modern bathroom designs we recommend our sleek and simple Ergo Range.

5. Large mirrors

A key feature of modern design is minimalism. And with this in mind, many modern bathrooms are designed to feature sleek furniture that creates clear open space. If your bathroom is compact, the easiest way to create the illusion of space is by placing large mirrors on the walls. Opt for a frameless design to maintain a sparkling, seamless look throughout your bathroom.

6. Natural life

Plants and flowers are a simple and effective way to add colour and natural life to any bathroom space. Often placed in clear and abstract shaped vases and featured on sink cabinets or windowsills, they can brighten up the room whilst giving off gorgeous natural scents. The most popular plants to feature in your modern bathroom range from Aloe Vera and Boston fern to the Bamboo and Spider Plant.

7. Open shelves

Open shelving offers an airy and welcoming alternative to closed bathroom cabinets. They help to create a personal and inviting space, which can give your bathroom instant elegant design. Of course keeping them clutter-free is essential, as you want to maintain a clean, slick look in your bathroom. We recommend decorating your open shelving with plants, ornate ornaments and candles, to give your bathroom a chic finish.

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