How to choose the right heated towel rail for my bathroom

11 Jan 2015, 4:33 PM
How to choose the right heated towel rail for my bathroom

From ensuring your towels are always kept warm, soft and dry, to providing your bathroom with added heat and comfort there are endless benefits to installing a heated towel rail in your bathroom.

But with the increase in popularity, there are more shapes, sizes and styles to choose from then ever before, which can make picking a design to suit your bathroom rather overwhelming.

Here is our simple guide to finding the perfect heated towel rail for your bathroom:

1. Measure your space

As heated towel rails are available in a variety of widths and heights, its good to get a measure of your bathroom space before you start shopping. For larger bathrooms, we advise a larger sized towel rail and for smaller bathrooms, opt for a more compact size that provides enough space for towel storage, without compromising your bathroom space. However, if youre looking for something completely unique and contemporary, our Amber Range provides the perfect freestanding heated towel rail to create a striking focal point in your bathroom.

2. How much heat do you need?

Many people purchase heated towel rails with two functions in mind one, to heat and keep towels dry and the second, to keep their bathroom warm. When you are in the process of choosing a style and design to suit your bathroom, consider how much heat you would like your towel rail to emit. If you are using the towel rail as a replacement for a radiator, then a larger size will obviously work better to fulfil both aims of drying towels and keeping your bathroom warm and toasty. Our Inflecto Range in particular is the perfect replacement for any bathroom radiator.

3. Electric, central heating or dual fuel

Of course with heating, comes the consideration of cost. Heated towel rails are designed to run on electric or through your central heating system. Centrally heated towel rails run off the heat settings in your home, whereas electrically heated towel rails can be turned on and off at any time, using the built-in thermostat. For ease of use, our range of Ergo, Inflecto and Prolixus towel rails are available with a dual fuel kit which allows them to be used all year round, with no added cost to your bills! We also supply a freestanding heated towel rail which is ideal for use in a guest bedroom as a clothes dryer.

4. How many towels?

Another factor to consider before choosing your heated towel rail is just how busy your bathroom is. If you are looking for a heated towel rail to be installed in your main family bathroom, it is advisable to choose a design that features multiple tiers of rails. This will provide ample room for everyone to store and keep their towels dry. Our Prolixus Range is the ideal choice for this, with 1000mm x 810mm dimensions its the best choice for any large bathroom.

5. The final finish

The final finish of your heated towel rail can help to complete the look, feel and style of your bathroom. Whether youre a fan of sleek, modern minimalism or prefer classic, traditional elegance stainless steel heated towel rails are a stunning feature of any bathroom design. The sheer, sturdy and slim line finish is designed to create a lasting impression in any bathroom space. Our Ergo Range is perfect for all bathroom styles, whether its modern, classic or contemporary that you are looking for.

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